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Library Swedenborg

Bibliotek Swedenborg is a research library where we collect and organize books, journals and documents, primarily related to Emanuel Swedenborg and the New Church/Swedenborgianism.

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About the library

Bibliotek Swedenborg is a research library, branch of the university library of Bryn Athyn College in Philadelphia, USA. We collect and organize books, letters and other documents related to Emanuel Swedenborg and the New Church/Swedenborgianism.

In our collections there are also books about theology from the 17th century onwards, above all things that influenced or were influenced by Swedenborg's thinking. Our endeavor is to systematize our collections and archives so that they become accessible to researchers and the general public interested in the subject. We want to be a window and a meeting place for those who have a deep as well as a superficial interest in Emanuel Swedenborg, his writing, his significance during his lifetime and in the present.


Since the first year of the 19th century, Swedenborgian organizations have had a book collection. After Swedenborg's Memorial Church was inaugurated in 1927, part of the book collection was moved here to Tegnérlunden 7.
In addition to our own register of our collections, we collaborate with the university library Swedenborg Library at Bryn Athyn College in the USA. Thus, we also have access to their computerized library register, which can be accessed through us.
Most of our collections are in Swedish, English and Latin, but many other languages are also represented

Contents of the library

Everything is gathered with the starting point that there is a connection to Emanuel Swedenborg or is considered to have influenced him or Jesper Swedberg. In addition to books, we have a large collection of documents, letters, etc. related to Swedenborgianism in general.

Examples of what is in the library:

  • Bibles, hymnals and liturgies

  • Swedenborg's own works in first editions and later editions, in Swedish and other languages

  • Letters

  • Sermon collection

  • Biographies of Swedenborg

  • New church history

  • Other theological literature

  • Theological and other encyclopedias

  • Journals

  • Fiction

Main man

Bibliotek Swedenborg must be useful to its ownerNew Church Congregation in Stockholm, Swedenborg's Memorial Church. Librarian is Eva Björkström.


The library gratefully accepts financial donations for the operation but also for the development of the library's collections. We also welcome donations of books, magazines and documents with a more or less clear connection to Emanuel Swedenborg and the New Church and its history, especially in Europe.


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